How to declutter your home - A comprehensive room by room guide

A Comprehensive Room by Room Guide to Decluttering Your Home

While it may seem like a daunting task, there are many steps you can take to get started on the decluttering process. The first step is to start small and start by decluttering one room or zone at a time. Working room by room will give you the confidence to move on to the next stage. Keep a separate container for items that have crept out of storage, but will return to their designated storage locations.


Decluttering your home is about getting rid of clutter. You will have a better understanding of your space and be able to decide what items to keep or donate. This is especially helpful if you tend to accumulate unnecessary items. This process will be made easier by using a room-by-room guide.

How to declutter your home - A comprehensive room by room guide
How to declutter your home – A comprehensive room by room guide

Three-box method

The Three-Box Method to Declutter Your Home is an easy but effective way to get rid clutter. Basically, you have three boxes for your junk, keepable items, and things you need to get rid of but can’t find a home for. Each box can hold three types of items. You need to label them accordingly. Once you have removed the unwanted items, you can begin putting them into the boxes.


It can be exhausting to organize your home, but the rewards of a clean and organized home are worth it. You do not have to tackle the task all at once. You can start small tasks each day, such labeling laundry baskets and boxes with “keep” or “donate” labels. Then you can move on to the next task. You may actually find that you enjoy the process a lot more than you thought.


Every homeowner who wants to eliminate clutter must have a comprehensive room-by-room guide to decluttering. The first step to decluttering is to plan ahead. Identify the room in your home that needs the most cleaning and decluttering. It could be your bedroom, bathroom, or office. This will help you to prioritize which items you should throw out and which ones to keep.


To start decluttering your home, set a deadline and stick to it. Don’t be too concerned if you don’t finish the task by the deadline. You can always change the date if necessary. You can always change the date if the deadline is not met. These tips will help you organize your home and keep it clutter-free.